Frame your bed beautifully. With a curved body and three bedside drawers, you'll have the space for everything you want and need!

  • NO:9003040-409

W 70.48CM D 50.16CM H 74.93 CM

  • FINISH:Espresso

Eastern King Tufted Panel Bed (3 Pc)

Class like no other! Discover modern elegance with the Paris Chic Panel Bed. A classy silhouette with soft neutral tones instantly brightens your bedroom and refines your style.

  • NO:9003000EK3-409

W 213.36CM D 227.97CM H 175.90 CM

  • FINISH:Espresso

Bed Bench

Show your soft side! This Paris Chic Bench is made with ultra-soft faux fur that makes any bedroom, living room, and hallway more inviting!

  • NO:9003904-409

W 56.25" D 16.50" H 20.75"
W 142.88CM D 41.91CM H 52.70 CM

  • FINISH:Espresso
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